DIY vehicle window tinting

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Do you need to tint your car’s windows? Tinting windows can be a tedious task but it can be achieved with no problems with the right tools, good coaching and a ton of patience.Before you begin applying tint to your windows, be sure you clean them first and you will be working in a clean atmosphere. Click here to read
Application of tint will be much simpler if the windows are clean and the environment you are working on is organized. You can use the usual water and window cleaning solution to do the job just make sure to wash the windows thoroughly and to wash them first before proceeding with the procedure.
The next thing you will need to do is remove those unnecessary materials from your vehicles that will make the application of tint more challenging. Including the rubber sheets, door panels and even seals from the doors.
Once everything is ready, you can now then begin with the rear window. Rear windows usually have chemical curve which makes it the hardest window to work with. It is easy to cover the back window by making the tint film pattern outside the window. You can do that by laying out long strings of movies that overlaps the borders. Once you’re done, carefully cut the pattern you’ve created making sure that the edges are roughly the same as the rear window.
As soon as you have your pattern prepared, you can now then use it in your car while carefully taking note of the exact way you did as on the exterior window. You can then now work yourself from top to bottom using the squeegee to remove any air bubbles in addition to the spray solution used on the window.
Once the tint film is set up, use a razor blade to reduce excess films overlapping each other. The process can be done on the front mirror to make it easier for you to use the tint. Now start working on the opposite side windows by carefully making a pattern based on the size of the windows and using it to cut the film into perfect sizes. Be sure that you use a squeegee again to remove any air bubbles. Some final touches and cleaning and you’re finished with applying tint on your vehicle’s windows.

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